Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Linton Falls

Saw this trailhead on my way to Proxy Falls and thought I'd come back for a visit before the old McKenzie pass closes for the winter. The trail is actually marked for Linton Lake, which is rather unspectacular other than the fact that the lake doesn't have an exit stream of any sort. It just percolates down into the earth to pop up somewhere else. The falls are about a 1/2 mile upstream from the lake and it's a tough, unmarked hike to get there. I wanted to see if I could get to the top of this super steep valley past the falls, but it got so steep and mossy that Willy was having a hard time, so we turned back a mile or so up. The lake and falls are just kind of average for Oregon's standards, but the colors on the trail leading to them were erupting! So I spent most of my time trying to capture the gorgeous maples. Oh, and there happened to be a SPECTACULAR sunset on the way home. 

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